Nexgard Chews for Dogs 4.1-10 kg (10.1-24 lbs) - Blue 6 Chews

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Nexgard for Medium Dogs 28.3mg is a soft beef-flavoured chewable tablet to help treat and prevent flea infestations on dogs weighing 4-10kg.

Nexgard contains an ingredient called afoxolaner that kills fleas by over-stimulating their nervous system and kills them before they have a chance to lay eggs. The fleas are killed within 24 hours and Nexgard will continue to help treat and control fleas and ticks for a full 30 days.

Because Nexgard is an oral product, swimming and bathing has no effect on the product and your dog's coat can get wet immediately after taking it.

Give 1 chew, once a month.

Contains 6 chews.

4 Reviews

Denise Hopley 20th Jul 2021


My dog has had these for a few years. She tolerates them well. I usually disguise them in her food. The reason I use nexguard is because products that you spread on the pets neck wash off when they go into the shower so the vet advised I use this product instead.

Julia Pilcher 24th May 2018

Nexgard tablets for dogs, flea and tick treatment

This is an excellent product. I have a 3 year old Yorkshire terrier who is impossible to efficiently remove ticks from, he wriggles so much. He has no adverse reaction from the Nexgard although I do chop them up in his dinner as he picks them out if I leave them whole. They keep him totally tick and flea free

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