Advocate for Cats over 4 kg (over 9 lbs) - Purple 6 Doses

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For cats, over 4kg. Advocate, a patented combination of Imidacloprid (from Advantage) and Moxidectin, is a break-through in the treatment of parasites in cats. Advocate treats, protects against and prevents the major parasites of your pet, inside and out. Treat- Eliminate existing parasite infections. Protect - Continuous coverage, as one application lasts all month. Prevent - New infections cannot establish. Advocate is the most convenient way to protect your pet as it is the only spot-on product to control fleas, heartworm and gastrointestinal worms in cats. That means no more nasty tablets for your cat.

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Liz williams 2nd Jul 2022

Advocate for cats

Great product, I use it every month as my cat is a hunter so she is constantly bringing small creatures in. She is fit and healthy and is free of worms and fleas.

Margaret Godwln 18th Feb 2022

Cat treatment

Always good service and products

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